Tone Ellis de Jesus

Comic Book Creators: Website vs. Social Media - This is a quick 5-minute read on why having a website (or a landing page at the minimum) helps people who are interested in your work find you.

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Game On!

Logo design for Game On! a game design classroom curriculum made for grades 2-12, with the goals of students learning the basics components of tabletop games, and then building a game based on a subject matter of the teacher’s choosing.


Logo design for The Affirming Pentecostal Church International (APCI) an organization that served as a fellowship and governing body for churches that catered to the needs of LGBTQ communities.

Colorful History

Development of an educational comic strip featuring the diverse persons and significant events from Colorado’s history.  The comic strip is distributed weekly to educators using digital means for free and accompanied by a teacher’s guide.

Run By The Gun

Logo design for transmedia project involving a comic book series, web comics, music and live performances to tell the story of a NYC band struggling to succeed on their own terms in a city that eats young and old alike.

Run By The Gun #2

Lynx #1

Pinoy Pictures

Pudgy Planes

Run By The Gun Web Comic

Colorado Calligraphers Guild (Spring Newsletter 2017)

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